Thursday, September 5, 2013

Depends on What You Mean by Voluntary

I get the Snopes newsletter, and this week they were looking into the question of whether the Obamacare law authorizes federal home inspections.
Grassfire's Liberty News team is reporting on a little-known aspect of ObamaCare — FORCED HOME INSPECTIONS.

Simply put, provisions of ObamaCare allow federal agents to activate forced home inspections. The inspections are being sold as a simple act to ensure eligibility, but upon digging deeper we find the agents will have broad authority in using the new tool to clamp down on privacy and violate American rights.

Homeschool your kids? Smoke a cigar from time to time? Have a member who was at one time active duty military? ObamaCare enables agents to force a home inspection upon you.

And no state will be off limits to the ObamaCare inspections.

They said "no".
However, nothing in the PPACA authorizes federal or state agents to "target" and conduct forced inspections at such households. The PPACA requires that MIECHV grant recipients give priority to such households (because that's where the return on money spent is highest), but as stated in the press release quoted above, the MIECHV grant program brings "nurses, social workers, or other health care professionals to meet with at-risk families that agree to meet with them in their homes. Likewise, the relevant section (p. 251) of the PPACA specifically states that MIECHV grant recipients must provide "assurances that the entity will establish procedures to ensure that the participation of each eligible family in the program is voluntary." [all emphasis in original]

Ok, so it's "voluntary".

But that's not how it will be used.

How it will play out is that if you get on the wrong side of some irritable bureaucrat, they'll threaten you with legal action unless you "volunteer" to let these agents snoop around your house.

A nice, legal, little shakedown racket.

Lock up your valuables, kiddies. Underpaid civil servants have sticky fingers.


  1. and this, like the rest of obamacare, will be administered by the IRS.

  2. Snopes has always been a bunch of leftist thugs.

  3. @og - true, but when they slant their opinions, it's not subtle, so you can tell when they're being lefty about something.