Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm Gonna Need a Bigger Board

Much like Homer Simpson, I've long found cars' factory-installed "cup" holders to be feeble and inadequate.
(Homer makes demands to the car engineers about what needs to go in the new car.)

Homer: All right, you eggheads! I want a place in this car to put my drink!

Engineer: Sir, the-the car has a beverage holder.

Homer: Hello! Hello, Einstein! I said a place to put MY drink. You know those Super Slakers they sell at the Kwik-E-Mart? (Makes a large circle with his hands.) The cup is THIS big!

Engineer: (Talks as he writes on a clipboard.) Extremely large beverage holder.

My cup looks more like this:

I'm considering doing a custom job along these lines to keep it from tipping over whenever I take corners on 2 wheels, as I am often wont to do:

There'd need to be some modifications, of course, but I think the principle's sound.


  1. I'm confused. Where is that? Is the board connected to the car? Is the square holder connected to the board?

  2. The holder is glued to the board. The cup sits in the holder.

    "In mechanics, an object at rest is in a state of equilibrium. Such an object will move only if the balance of forces acting upon it is upset. If this balance is relatively difficult to upset, the object is in stable equilibrium. A good example is a cone resting on its base on a horizontal surface. An object in unstable equilibrium is easily overturned, as is a cone placed on its tip. An object in stable or unstable equilibrium is overturned by tilting it until its base is no longer under its center of gravity."


  3. Geez. Did you just explain inertia to me?

    That should work awesome on your coffee table. Provided you don't ever decide to try using it with 2 legs.

  4. Hey, YOU'RE the engineer who couldn't figure out how this thing worked :-D

  5. I think you better secure your board to the car, or I'm afraid it's a clever looking accident waiting to happen :P

  6. I think that if the board's wide enough, there's no way the force of going around the corner will be sufficient to move the center of the objects gravity past the edge of its base.

  7. so you fix the base to a cup shaped object to insert in the cup holder of the vehicle. geez, guys

  8. @jw - problem is, the space above the cup-holder area is to crowded with things like seats and dashboards for my 64 oz insulated mug to fit.

    @Anonymiss - fair enough. A little strip of the bitey side of velcro should fix that.

  9. Ok Navy guy. Get a geranium basket hangar and attach to the ceiling, sit oversized mug in basket. Bonus: weaving of mug makes passengers seasick.

  10. http://www.prankplace.com/Drinking-Helmet-CAMO-16758-0X.aspx

    that should fix the problem

  11. I'm gonna need a bigger helmet...