Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm Sure It Sounded Like a Good Idea to the Boys in R & D

Smores-flavored candy corn:

Let's just say it makes a better theory than a product.

There's hints of graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate, but the overwhelming flavor is candy corn.

I'll call this one a swing and a miss.


  1. Huh!

    I made s'mores Sunday AND yesterday. Kinda have a s'mores thing going on. Running out of marshmallows. :(

    But I really don't like candy corn much. I'll eat my 5 or 6 a year to feel festive.

    I say you're brave to try it. Do you usually like candy corn?

  2. Not a HUGE fan, but at least it's sweet & chewy. It's not a BAD candy, just a mediocre one.

    Still beats Circus Peanuts, though (shudder)

  3. My dad LOVES those. But I'm with you. Ick.

    I'd prefer something with chocolate and caramel...gooey. And nuts. Just not walnuts. You?

  4. As far as I'm concerned, no candy maker has ever improved on the Milky Way bar.

    No nuts please. If there's nuts in the candy, you have to chew it, and it gets finished faster.

    With chocolate & caramel stuff, you have the option of just letting it melt in your mouth and enjoying the flavor for a while.