Monday, September 30, 2013

Me? I Don't Mind Paying the Man

Shoe Comics, 9-26-13:

You're not paying him to turn the screw, you're paying him for knowing which screw to turn.


  1. You are also paying him to pay a tax accountant, a lawyer, and an insurance company.


  2. I don't mind that either.

    If I did, I'd find an old guy who does it for fun and pay him cash under the table.

    Which is how I keep my lawn mower & snow blower running (shhhhh... don't tell anyone...)

  3. That's why I always tip waitresses in cash. I expect them to cheat on their taxes and want to help them out.

  4. What. No kitten today? Hmm. There's probably one in that sweet pink car, yes?

  5. The name of the blog is "Bad Example", not "Cat Example".

    Don't worry, I'm sure I'll find some cute kitten-related thing to post about again sooner or later.

  6. here is a kitten link if you chose to use it. a blind kitten playing with its first toy:

    i think you need to activate the link though