Thursday, September 26, 2013

One Man's Trash

So, a couple years ago, I adopted this little kitten from a family who didn't want her and had her living out in the barn.

I thought she was just a defective Siamese, what with the white nose & the white paws instead of having the dark points typical of the breed.

Turns out she's actually a very good example of a rather scarce breed called a Snowshoe:

[ direct link]

Coco is only a couple years old, but she knows her name and comes when called. Smart cat.

Gets along well with the other cats, too.

So everything they say in the video is true. She's cute, charming, gregarious, and intelligent.

Sometimes you just never know when a kitten that someone else doesn't want will turn out to be an incredible treasure.

Today's life lesson


  1. So striking, rare, healthy, easy, but needs a lot of attention. Huh.

    You sure seem to love your kitten.

  2. Yeah, she's kind of a sweetie.

    Ya know, except for the "needs a lot of attention" part, you've pretty much nailed my "ideal girlfriend" list :-D

  3. I guess we're not meant to be.

    I SO need a lot of attention :P

  4. Huh? What?

    Sorry... I was watching a squirrel out my window...

  5. That's ok. I bet I could find someone else who thinks I"m more interesting than a squirrel...

  6. Obviously you haven't seen this squirrel, or you wouldn't be saying that:

  7. I got a cat who answered to her name. I was very impressed. Then I got a kitten and she answered to the kitten's name as well. Now I just call either one and they both come running.