Friday, September 6, 2013

Someday Soon, Your Doctor's Office Will Be Like This, Thanks to Obamacare

Anonymiss of Nuking Politics has her all-too-true DMV horror story posted.

I just got my drivers license renewed Tuesday, so I also spent some quality time at the DMV recently.

I was just as puzzled by her at their bizarre letter-number-combination take-a-number system as she was. My number was C182. I was there long enough to memorize it.

Sitting next to me in the waiting area was a stupid blond girl with a huge tattoo on her thigh who spent the whole time fiddling with the phone. Someday I expect she will text while driving, lose her license, then skateboard drunk. (You'll need to visit the above link to get that reference)

On the bright side, I managed to squint hard enough to avoid getting a "must wear glasses" restriction on my license this time. I was kinda worried about that.

Just to be safe, though, everyone in Wisconsin should stay off the sidewalks when they see me driving by for a couple years.


  1. It wasn't really a HORROR story. I found my experience both irritating and moderately amusing. The hoops we have to jump through are silly. I didn't even mention all the paperwork. Boy. And this is to get a license to drive a car.

    When it is a life or death situation, I think HORROR story may describe it more accurately...

    So you don't have to wear glasses to drive?

  2. I'm not legally obligated to wear glasses when I drive, but I usually do, just because I like to be able to read the signs at whatever place I'm driving to.

    However, I like to have the option not to wear them if I'm just making a quick trip down the street to pick up a pizza or something.

  3. Mmmmm that sounds good. I haven't had pizza in forever. :(

  4. I made homemade pizza today, but was dismayed to discover that all we had to top it was pepperoni and black olives...which are both good...

    But the best pizzas have lots of yummy stuff like pineapple and ham and mushrooms and NO GREEN PEPPERS and NO ONIONS.

    But the thicker the crust, the better. Yum.

    What do you like?

  5. Pretty much anything except green olives.

    If I were stuck with only 2 toppings, I'd make it pepperoni & pineapple. Sweet & spicy...