Friday, October 25, 2013

Garbage and Despair

I like where I live.

I don't like the trash pickup service.

I've lived in places where the attitude was basically "if you can get it to the curb, we'll haul it away."

Not so here, where the attitude is "if your refuse fits our guidelines and we just happen to be in the mood, it may or may not be here after we roll on."

Ever try to throw away a trash can?

Yeah... THAT'S not happening.

Got branches? Haul 'em down to the approved city branch disposal area yourself. Hope you don't get your truck stuck in the mud in the process.

So I'm stuck with this blue plastic space-consuming monstrosity and dead tree parts.

Anyway, I'm out of town this weekend, so I'll just put the dead tree parts inside the blue plastic space-consuming monstrosity. If anyone's feeling thefty, please stop by & steal them both.

Oh, and there's a ladder out back by the patio door.

Please use that to climb on the roof and steal my DishNetwork dish. It's been disconnected for years. They didn't take it down because they wanted to make it easy to come crawling back to them. And now it's fallen over and is hanging by one bolt.



  1. Dude. Come to a free state.we'd love to have you.

  2. Bummer.

    I have a crazy busy weekend too: doubt I'll get to everything.

    I hope your trip is enjoyable and illuminating and your journeys are safe. :)

  3. @og - Hmmm... dumping my trash out of state...

    @Anonymiss - bummer indeed. Well, if you DO bump into anyone shifty-eyed, point 'em my way. Low-hanging fruit, easy pickins...

  4. Friends in Connecticut get fined if they accidentally put a recyclable in their trash can or in the wrong recycle bin. Had to explain to every guest exactly what went where in the trash/recycling bins every time they had a party and then root through it all afterwards anyway.