Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Open a Bag of Chips

Brilliantly simple, yet so clever and functional. An elegant solution to the "reaching into a bag of chips without getting flavor-dust all over your hands" problem that I'd never even realized was solvable:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #967,045)


  1. Simple and elegant for those *eat the whole bag in one sitting* times. But it's not reclosable if you don't :(

  2. True, there are limitations to its application, but in that "whole bag" situation - genius :-)

    Also, I'm wondering if there's some slick origami move where you can fold the bag in half, tuck the top corners inside the bottom corners, and close it up that way, if you don't finish all the chips...

  3. I solved the flavor dust problem long ago. Open chips. Put hand in bag. Wipe hand on pants. Problem solved.

  4. Had to laugh at JNs solution... it matches how I usually handle it... but I do like the way this was done... will use it in the future at games and the like for the kids.