Thursday, October 24, 2013


Looks like the fall weather finally caught up with my geraniums, they're all curled up and sad now:

The house seems a little less lively without them.

I miss their bright, cheery colors.

But it's a change of season, and that's not a bad thing, just different. Each season has its own rewards.

Still, I think ahead to when conditions will return to support these beautiful flowers, and I can't help looking forward to the day when they can brighten my house again.


  1. :)

    She doesn't look frozen...

    If you have a basement, you could cut her back and take her in and keep her in a paper bag all winter. If you bring her up and put her near a sunny window in March, she may bloom another summer for you.

    If you have the space, it could be worth a try :)

  2. Actually, I have a southern-facing window in a room I never use upstairs.

    I'm not sure how sunny it is, but I think I'll try the "houseplant" approach and see if I can nurture my little sweetie through the long, cold months ahead.

  3. Just move them inside. Light watering every day. You'll have blooms like mad in a few weeks. Mine goes crazy pretty much all year round.