Monday, October 28, 2013

Tesh Is Entertaining, But...

The guy's kind of a carnival barker. He's a little slippery, a little sensationalistic.

Oh, sure, he tosses out facts & statistics, but his conclusions have an unwarranted, National Enquirer-esque feel to them

Like this one on "cheaters". Here's the pivot point where he jumps to conclusions:
So, the real question is: Why do people keep falling for cheaters? After all, alleged cheaters like Ashton Kutcher, Jesse James, and John Edwards seem to have no trouble attracting new girlfriends - even after being "outed" in public.

Kirshenbaum says it boils down to the fact that cheaters are masters of flattery.

She says cheaters use flattery to convince you that you're someone special, and that they'll be different with you.

I've said a lot of nice things to a lot of people over the years on this blog. Obviously I'm some sort of serial cheater. I mean, I couldn't possibly be giving sincere compliments to deserving people because I'm kind, right?

*eye roll*

Nothing personal against Tesh. His job is to keep ears glued to the radio. He's good at it. But the way he does it kinda reminds me of this:

Take anything this man says with a HUGE grain of salt. Odds are, he's not really talking about you, he's just phrasing it so it sounds that way.


  1. Huh. So being kind and pointing out good in others is not inherently evil, huh? :)

    Good morning :)

  2. I know, hard to believe, right?

    Key weasel phrase in the second paragraph of the original piece:

    "the answer is almost always “yes.”"


    I'm willing to bet he blew right by that word at warp speed when he read it on the air.

  3. Hmm. It's true when words are spoken, the emphasis can greatly enhance the meaning. I read something and just wrote a post wondering about the intent. Written words sometimes aren't enough to understand.

  4. Women... always trying to find secret meanings & nuances.

    Tesh aside, sometimes people speak and write in plain & simple language and mean exactly what they say.

    If you know the writer is that kind of person, if the writer has a history of communicating that way, take it at face value.

  5. Men...never seeing secret meanings and nuances. :)

    When people don't understand, they often ask questions. If they don't get answers, they stay confused.

    Lots of posts. Lots of questions.

  6. Apparently your comment is full of secret meanings & nuances that I'm not seeing :-P

    Anyway, if you're dubious about the written or spoken words, just watch what the person does. That'll get you pretty close to the heart of things.

  7. I hear the NSA is pretty helpful with this sort of thing.

    Also, the internet contains near-infinite opportunities for stalking :-)

  8. Huh. Maybe I should bag the job you've offered and try the NSA.