Monday, October 7, 2013

This Looks Strangely Plausible

Via There, I Fixed It

Dryer sheet stuffed in the air vent. I might actually give this a shot.


  1. I would try it, except the fan in my car conked out a couple days ago...


    PS - You seem to know a lot about a lot. Do you know how to test a relay? As in, do you know what pins do what?

  2. Sorry, no I don't.

    When I had fan problems, I was VERY happy to pay my mechanic to fix it. God bless my car guy and his knowledge.

    Although Google and YouTube might be able to help you out if you can tweak your search terms correctly.

  3. And what is the purpose of the "dryer sheet stuffed in the air vent" exercise? :)

  4. To make my car smell Springtime Fresh :-)

  5. Uh huh. The place where I get my car washed gives me little plastic thingies that stick in the vent.
    They smell like vanilla :) and they look a little more normal and no stuffing is involved :P

  6. Imagine if you jammed one down your shorts!

  7. Og - everything in my shorts already smells Springtime Fresh :-P

    Anonymiss - Bah! Normal is boring :-)

  8. used to pin dryer sheets behind the curtains so the breeze coming in smelled like Bounce.

    Innominatus: Shoot me an email and I can tell you what you need to know about relays. mhardig at aol dot com