Saturday, November 23, 2013

Because You Were Dying of Curiosity

Yes, my geranium is making the adjustment to the indoor life. I put it in front of only decent southern-exposure window I have.

It's in a spare room, where it's probably only about 60 degrees. I keep the door shut.

I water it once a week, and afterwards rotate it so that both sides get some sunlight and the leaves don't grow all lopsided.

There's a long, cold winter ahead, but I think this plant will make it through, even brightening my day with little splashes of color from time to time.

It's incorrigibly optimistic like that.

By the way, does my geranium need a name? If so, any suggestions?

I'm kinda thinking Blossom:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #135,285)


  1. I like the name "Blossom" :) I had never heard that version of the song.

    I know it from Mr. Holland's Opus:
    I think the actress is really beautiful.

    I've always loved that song. :)

  2. The girl singing that is a real cutie.

    Reminds me an awful lot of someone, but I can't quite say who...