Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hmmm... I Think I Want a Second Roomba Now

At first, I thought, "what a cute picture, but you couldn't do it in real life, because they'd stab the walls."

Then I realized - this could totally work.

Each Roomba comes with 2 "virtual wall" devices - which shoot out an infrared beam that the Roomba will not cross.

Take 4 of these, and you can make a square.

Make a square in the middle of a room, away from the walls (and furniture), and you've got Killbot Thunderdome.


  1. How about yiu buy me a roomba, and I'll bring it to your house whenever your roomba "has the sinful urge to get in a scrap". :)

  2. Is that a "Friendly Persuasion" reference?

  3. You *got* my Friendly Persuasion reference?

    That's kinda awesome. It's one of my favorites. Did you like it?

    And no, sir, you did not just distract me from you having to buy me a roomba. :P

    Fun fact: roomba is the only thing I know that rhymes with zumba. :)

  4. Well, I've *seen* "Friendly Persuasion" and liked it (Gary Cooper is ALWAYS good), but I had to Google the reference.

    Oh, and what about "Pumbaa"? Are you not a Disney fan?

    And I'm not buying you a Roomba. They're kinda spendy :-P

  5. (Yes I am a Disney fan. I thought of Pumbaa as soon as I pushed "publish".)

    So let me get this straight.

    You'll buy *yourself* a SECOND one...

    But you won't buy *me* one because it's too "spendy"?


  6. Yeah, well, you'd probably do something boring with it, like clean your floor, instead of having robot deathmatches :-P

  7. Probably. 'Cause I'm *so* boring.

  8. *snrk* Huh? What?

    Sorry... fell asleep while you were talking...

  9. 7th generation. I've got the pedigree papers to prove it...

  10. Oh I believe you. No pedigree required.

  11. *thumps Anonymiss in the shoulder*

    Well, it works when my record player skips...

  12. Owwwww!

    Careful! You break it, you bought it!

  13. Uh oh... I think I broke you...

    What's this gonna cost me?

  14. Hmmm. Remember that "spendy" roomba I wanted?'s gonna seem like a bargain in comparison. :P

  15. Dang...

    Any chance I can still buy you off with a Roomba of your own?

  16. Are you kidding me?

    With a bruise like this on my shoulder?? I'm gonna ask for the whole enchilada.

    Or the whole "Buffalo Wild Wings Big Jack Daddy Burger", as the case may be...

    *Evil grin*

  17. Fine... I suppose you want onion rings with that instead of fries, too?

  18. I sure do. And that yummy zingy sauce. Makes my lips tingle. :)

  19. Deal.

    I'll be right over with your Roomba & burger...