Friday, November 1, 2013

More Good Times...

"Together" by Bill Mack

Try to watch a movie, end up fast asleep & happy.

That happened a LOT.


  1. Don't know when I've been more content. Cramped arms, numb legs and all :-)

  2. It's described on the site as "An alto-relief sculpture in bonded sand".

    It's 3-D, but designed to hang on the wall.

    44" x 33"... wonder if it would look good over my couch...

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  4. It is nice :)

    But I'm guessing everybody involved would like it better if instead of it hanging over your couch, you two were cuddling *on* it.

    If you *need* to spend $15K, I could sell you many nice things to hang over your couch. I'd give you a large variety from which to choose :)

  5. i own a bill mack. he deals mainly in two media. bonded sand and bonded bronze. they are 3D, hang on the wall, but are heavy. the one you have pictured is bonded sand, (mine is bronze)

  6. @jw - you are a lucky man to have his work in your house

    @Anonymiss - I could cuddle on the couch AND have the art hanging over it. Now THAT would make an interesting snapshot :-)

    Anyway, invite me to your next rummage sale. I'll be sure to bring the $15K...