Thursday, November 28, 2013

Shockingly, I'm Not on This List

Hot, Sexy And Bearded Celebrity Men

Also, I don't agree that just because a guy stops shaving for a couple of days, it means that they have a beard.

Bum-stubble is NOT a beard.

Yes, I'm an elitist.


  1. Checked the link.

    Some guys look good. They're not a plus for everybody, are they?

  2. By the way, *this* is your Thanksgiving Day post??


  3. "Bum" - it's what they used to call lazy, worthless men before they were called "homeless".

    And yeah, not all men can pull off the facially follicularly-enhanced look.

    I'm thankful that I'm one who can :-)

  4. I'd say about a third of those don't qualify as beards. As you said, not shaving for a couple days isn't a beard.

    I am one who looks pretty decent in a bead, but then it started to turn silver. No, really silver. Added ten years to my looks. #$%^&*. It's gone and it won't come back until my hair turns.

  5. BEARD! BEARD! I do NOT look decent in beads!

    Why can't bloggers have spellcheck?

  6. Hey, I bet you look good with a bead, too. :-D

    Anyway, I'm lucky. My hair & beard went salt & pepper at the same time, so I'm all kinds of devilishly handsome.

  7. What's all this hating on beads? I look pretty decent in beads :)

  8. Not hatin'. Beads are for chicks and dirty hippies. Hopefully it's obvious which is which. You can probably tell the DH because he's being punched in the face by someone.