Sunday, November 3, 2013

Totally Worth 1000 Words

Went out second-hand shopping yesterday, and for $5 picked up a Sharper Image Digital Photo Album Keychain - mostly because all I had for my spare truck keys for the last 7 or 8 years was a stupid day-glo yellow wrist coil clip keychain, which I've always hated.

Of course, that just left me with the connundrum of what pictures to put on it.

Turns out you can search Gmail by attachment, so I just picked a dozen or so of the pictures that have been sent to me as attachments recently.

You'd be surprised how many of those I get in my line of work, i.e. blogging guru to the stars.

Anyway, now I've got a bunch of pictures to show off everywhere I go, so be careful asking me what's new in my life. I may bore you to death with them.


  1. What's new in your life, Harvey? :P

  2. What's new in my life is that my keychain has a square display and defaults to cropping off the top of the picture if it's taller than it is wide.

    Had to go in and manually crop the bottoms off some of the pictures to avoid the Ann Boleyn Effect

  3. Hahaha...So they're all fixed now?

    Is yours pink like the one in the link? :)

  4. Yes, I get to see what I want to see.

    No, mine's black. And if you check the link, you'll note in the description that the one offered for sale is actually black, too, despite the picture.


    In Stock.
    Ships from and sold by Cozyup.
    13 new from $8.99 6 used from $2.01
    Color: Black

  5. Anything exciting in your new keychain you wanna share with the class? :)

  6. Sorry, some things are just too good for the internet. It'd be like opening a jewelry store in a pig wallow :-)

  7. Huh.

    I'm on the internet...

    I think you just called me a pig :P

  8. You're not a pig, you're Dorothy walking the fence rail:

    Wouldn't want you falling into the muck :-)

  9. How are you enjoying your new keychain, Harvey?

  10. Very much.

    In fact, I just looked at it the other day, even though I haven't driven my truck in weeks :-)