Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Hate Your Phone - UPDATED

First a headline:

"Constantly taking photographs STOPS our brains remembering what happened"

Second, a song:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #670,112)

Third... why am I bothering? You're probably reading this on your stupid phone while your best friend is sitting 4 feet away from you.

Looking at his phone.


(Pic via Anonymiss)

In America, the kid on the right would take a selfie while holding the bird and post it on Facebook, captioned "im holdn a burd!! LOL!!"


  1. Don't sweat it. lack of situational awareness is weeding out those who stare at their phone instead of paying attention to large objects heading their way.

    The phone can in fact be a useful tool for insulating yourself from the boorish, on occasion. Like Saturday when I was seated across the table from the one co-worker who simply refuses to shut up. And my wife and I were texting nasty things about him back and forth across the table. Made the day more bearable.

  2. By any chance, were you bitten by a cell phone as a child? :P

    What happened to make you so angry about my "stupid phone"?

  3. It's just that I find the casual use of smartphones during social occasions to be unbearably rude.

    My mama raised me right :-P

  4. Wait. Now you're calling me rude? Is *that* what you're doing??? Snot.

  5. No, I'm not calling you r... wait... did you just leave that comment using your smartphone?

  6. Maybe.

    But I'm not in a "social situation". So it's perfectly fine.

    I'm in control. I can stop anytime I want...

    And YOU are a snot...

  7. Oh, lord. Rude? Cellphone use is not even in the top 30 of rude things people do in social situations. if I ever get to the point where I have to worry about cellphone use it will be because there has already been a lot of bloodshed for #1 through #29

  8. Point taken. More of a personal pet peeve, I guess :-)

  9. I was just messing with you, Harvey.

    I once threw a baby shower and a woman sat in the middle of the room while the mom-to-be was opening presents. We were all watching intently and enjoying each other's company as this woman texted. She texted and texted and texted. I'm not sure *why* it was so distracting, because it was silent, but it seemed awfully disrespectful to the lady we were honoring and all those who had helped make the party a success.

    So I get your "pet peeve".

    I love the line from "The Kid" with Bruce Willis. Lily Tomlin plays his assistant. He walks into the room with some gadget in his ear and she says: "Take your phone off. You're with a human being now." :)

  10. Heh. Saw that movie :-)

  11. (Btw, your link is wrong. It says the quote is "Take your phone off *now*, you're with a human being." (which didn't sound right to me) I just checked it on my video. She says, "Take your phone off. You're with a human *now*"

    It's kinda awesome.)

  12. YOU... are a little frightening with your obsessive attention to detail :-)

  13. Silly. I just noticed because the line is funnier with "now" at the end.

    Right, Mr. Sniper?

  14. Actually... you are completely correct.

  15. In Africa, the kid would take a selfie showing himself eating the bird. Everywhere I went in Africa, everyone had a damned phone. Tiny kids on the side of the road did grotesquely suggestive dances for cash to get minutes on their phones, all cheap smartphones from CHina. You think it's bad here, imagine where people would rather have cell minutes than food.

  16. While I was in the Navy, we stopped in Mombasa.

    Most ports... there's that vaguely-desperate whiff of "we want your money, sailor" in the air.

    In Mombasa, they didn't want my money. They wanted to trade for my stuff. My t-shirt, my pants, my shoes, my watch, my lighter... anything that represented Western civilization.

    That... broke my heart a little.

    And DEFINITELY made me glad I had a First World home waiting for me at the end of my journey.