Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Worst Star Trek Character Ever

So I'm working my way through "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (it's been a few years, I wanted to see how it holds up), and I can't help noticing how useless Counselor Troi is.

"What do you think, Counselor?"

"Well, Captain, I sense that the alien with the hesitant speech patterns who keeps glancing uncomfortably around the room is holding something back, but I haven't the slightest idea what."

Biiiig help, that one.


  1. yeah, and while she started out being pleasantly hippy, she eventually got girdled up enough that she looked like jonathin frakes in drag. Still, the greek facial features always held me, but now she looks more like Charo than a greek statue.

  2. And now she's even got a shoulder tat:

  3. Troi: Captain, I can tell what he is thinking by the way he is staring at my chest.
    Picard: That's what you said about the last ten guys.
    Troi: I know. It's so coincidental.

    Brocoli was pretty useless. Wesley Crusher, super genius, can't get into star fleet academy on his first try, but Brocoli and the other 500 people on the ship all graduated.

    I see Troi as the modern extension of the Army Chaplain's corps. Pretty useless except to have a shoulder to cry on.


  4. She's the Father Mulcahy of Star Trek, substituting the word "feelings" for "God" as far as being one-dimensional.

    Except that the few Mulcahy-centric episodes of M*A*S*H didn't all stink to high heaven, and Mulcahy occasionally behaved out of stereotype.

  5. And Mulcahy never had an episode where he had to "take command", or where anyone would have taken him seriously if he tried.

  6. She still could make for some pretty tasty eye candy...

  7. Uh huh... and then she speaks and ruins everything...

    Some women make the world a better place when they talk. Her character was not one of them.

    Maybe I should blame the writers...