Thursday, January 16, 2014

Comparative Religion

From the Daily Mail:
People who are religious are healthier and take fewer sick days, new research suggests.

They are also less stressed and anxious at work, the researchers found.

Experts believe this could be because spirituality offers a "buffer against strains" of modern life.

A psychologist at the Health and Safety Laboratory in Stockport found that the more religious a person is, the less likely they are to suffer from anxiety, depression or exhaustion.

Dr Roxane Gervais also discovered that employees who are religious feel their lives have more meaning than those who are not.

Dr Gervais surveyed workers in a bid to discover how happy they are in their home and working lives.

She found those who attend religious services feel more content within themselves and that they feel connected to a higher being.

Anyone who knows religious people would say "well, DUH!"

Hope they didn't spend a lot of money on that study.

The really interesting thing, though, is if you follow the link over and start browsing/skimming the comments, you'll notice that the anti-religious ones are all bitter, grouchy, and snippy.

Thus proving the article's point.


  1. They had to study it because the habits of religious people are a complete mystery to academic researchers.

  2. You investigating the subject of religion these days, Harvey?

  3. Funny you should use that word.

    I've actually been meeting with Mormon missionaries for the last couple months.

    It's... interesting...

    Poor guys are probably frustrated as heck with me, but somehow they seem undaunted.



  5. in-ter-est-ing (adjective) - arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention.

  6. You are so incredibly helpful. Geeez. With all this religious training, you been brushing up on your benevolence?

  7. I'm the very model of benevolence.

    Ask my blogkids.

    So... what can I do for YOU, Anonymissy?

  8. "Hope they didn't spend a lot of money on that study."


    Also, I may well be one of your blogkids. I've always liked imao. But does that make you or Frank the blogmother?

  9. Harvey, do you know any Italians? I need an Italian something fierce. Like yesterday. Ugh!

  10. Tim - if you're my blogkid, that means that I some point I said to you "Tim, you should start a blog".

    If you already started a blog, then technically you're not my blogkid, since I wasn't there for the conception.

    However, I *have* been known to adopt...

    Nonnykins - do you need an Italian like Olive Garden, or like "as played by Marlon Brando"?

  11. Marlon. Definitely. So do you know a guy?

  12. Sorry... I don't even know an Olive Garden chef... :-(

    I know there's a bunch of Irish at IMAO. They might have IRA connections...

  13. Pawning me off, I see.

    See and see.

  14. I see.

    Sorry I'm not of a violent foreign extraction, Missums.

    I suppose I could always take you out to dinner at Olive Garden. Would that be close enough?

  15. You?

    Go OUT to dinner?

    I thought you had given up that kind of extravagant behavior...=)

  16. Nah, I'm loaded with dough.

    It's just that my ex got all my friends in the divorce, so I don't have anyone to go out to dinner WITH.

  17. Why'd you let her have all your friends?

  18. You'd have to ask them. Of all the people that knew us both, only one has contacted me at all in the last year. And that was a year ago.

    Guess she's the fun one.

  19. Huh. Looks like you need to shopping for a new set of friends. I volunteer! (As long as you take me out to dinner regularly) :P

    I like things that make my lips tingle. Buffalo Wild Wings has this amazing sauce...

    What do you like?

  20. I like Buffalo Wild Wings.

    They have these amazing waitresses.

    You're right. I should go make friends with some of them...

  21. I think you jumped to a conclusion Nymisscious - if you're friends with the waitresses, they'll throw in extra sauce for free instead of charging you for it.

  22. Wait. I thought you were "loaded"?

  23. which does NOT preclude "cheap"...

  24. Harvey re: ex wife. She has the vagina.

    You're way more interesting.even without a vagina to call your own.

  25. "It's just that my ex got all my friends in the divorce, so I don't have anyone to go out to dinner WITH." That is just plain sad, but it made me laugh anyway.