Monday, January 27, 2014

High of Five Below Today, So...

I'm curling up with this video instead of going outside:

The Best Fireplace Video (3 hours)


  1. Nice. I listened to it crackle while I completed the unpleasant task of taking down the Christmas tree.

    I also shoveled today, because at 8 am it was only -7, and it's supposed to get much worse as the day progresses.

    I've lived here for nearly 2 decades, and this is the most bitter, frigid cold I've ever experienced.

    Great. Now I'm starting to sound like you OLD cynics! Geeez.

    What are you up to today?

  2. Well, I've got a to-do list

    1) Sew new sleeve buttons on my suit jacket
    2) Set up my new back-up laptop
    3) Clean the carpet in my closet, which smells suspiciously like a litter box.

    We'll see how many of those I get to.

  3. 1) Where are you going all fancied up?
    2) A *new* back-up?
    3) One of the reasons I don't have pets.

    My list:
    1) Shovel driveway. Check.
    2) Take down tree. Vacuum. Check.
    3) Organize holiday stuff better (in the middle of that one)
    4) Make cookies for J
    5) Ummm Eat lunch? I know I'm forgetting something....
    6 )Zumba!
    7) Laundry

    What else am I forgetting?

  4. 1) Church
    2) Yeah, I gave my old one away to someone who needed it more than I did.

    And you're forgetting... cookies for me? :-)

  5. Cookies for YOU???

    You don't like cookies, do you??

  6. I would do *anything* for cookies...

  7. Oh, Harvey, when you finish shoveling my roof, these cookies are going to be JUST RIGHT. Not *right* out of the oven: then they burn your mouth and they are too crumbly...I like them when they have cooled enough to be firm...but are still warm and tender.

    Thank you so much sweet Harvey. :P

  8. Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...

    *grabs shovel*

    *climbs ladder*

  9. I didn't know how I was going to get that done. You are a doll.

    Thank you.

  10. Umm... can you toss me up a thermos of hot chocolate?

    And some non-frozen fingers to catch it with?

  11. Oh come down, Hon. That's enough for today. I made mint truffle hot cocoa to go with the cookies. You can finish the roof in a few days when the temp gets above zero. You must be freezing!

    You've been so sweet. Can I do anything else for you?

  12. Nah... just sit & watch the fireplace with me...

  13. *watching the roaring fire*
    Mmmm. You thawed out yet?

  14. Can't... bend... frozen... arm... to... eat... cookie...

  15. Poor Harvey. Come here and I'll help you.
    *pries cookie from frozen fingers*
    *breaks off a bite sized piece*
    Can you open your mouth?

  16. *ooooiiil cnnnnn*

  17. *looks around frantically for an oil can*
    No oil can in your living room, Harvey. Hmm. Oh, I know!
    *rummages around purse* Ah ha!
    *rubs lip balm gingerly over both lips*
    There. Do you feel better?

  18. *smack* *smack*


    OO! Cookie!

  19. *licks my fingers*
    Oops! You wanted that one???

  20. If I weren't frozen solid, I'd storm off in a huff :-P

  21. Oh I have more...

    But you're frozen solid...

    Would you like me to feed them to you?

  22. Maybe give them about 10 seconds in the microwave, but sure :-)

  23. Then I'd have to get up. You sure?

  24. Like I said before - *anything* for cookies.

  25. Huh.



    I've got my cookies here and your fireplace is crackling...

    I think I'll just sit here and munch and decide whether or not I want to get up and go to the microwave...

    I'm leaning towards...


  26. You're a cruel, cruel woman, Kitten...

  27. I'm not cruel.

    I just need...convincing...

  28. Your cookies smell so inviting and I bet they taste like love sprinkled with kindness.

    May I please have one?

  29. Well, of course you can! They're right here. I thought you wanted me to leave and go warm them up.

    What do you want?

  30. I'm getting the feeling you really want me to GET UP and GO to the KITCHEN...

  31. I'm gonna try a recipe for Chocolate Marshmallow Popcorn now. Doesn't that sound good? Anyhow, I'll be in the kitchen - where you like me best ...

  32. Ok. Just take off the shoes and put on the apron :-)

  33. Unless you know another way to keep my tootsies toasty, the fur-lined slippers are staying ON...

  34. Good :)

    Random. A lot of the popcorn recipes online were calling for several "bags" of popcorn. I thought that sounded like an awful lot. The smallest bags I have seen are 2 lb. I finally figured out they were referring to bags of microwave popcorn. Wow. I know this makes me sound old, but really? Is that the only way popcorn gets popped anymore? Geez.

    This Marshmallow Popcorn is kinda awesome. The Chocolate kind is almost done...

  35. Not ALL popcorn is popped in the microwave.

    In fact, I actually have a little stove-top pot for popcorn that stirs the kernels with a hand-crank.

    A little specialty item I picked up for cheap last summer:

  36. You, sir, have incredible taste. :)

    I have the same one, and it is one of the most used items in my kitchen (and that's saying a LOT)

  37. I don't know. How was the chocolate popcorn?

  38. Meh. With all the yummy ingredients I put in shoulda been better. But I liked the Marshmallow Popcorn. It was chewy and sticky. . :)

  39. I guess I need to go and make tarts. Oh and cookies for J.

    Why am I feeling tired all of a sudden?

  40. I think you're feeling tired because the word "tart" is such an unfortunate, unpleasant-sounding name for a delicious dessert. They should've named them "sweets" or "yummies" or something more happy-sounding.