Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hippies are Stupid

Arguing AGAINST washing your hands with hot water.
"Although the perception that hot water is more hygienic is based in some factual evidence … there are few, if any, hygienic benefits of using warm or hot water to wash one's hands," Carrico and her colleagues write. "It is true that heat kills bacteria; however, the level of heat required to neutralize pathogens is beyond what is considered safe for prolonged human contact."


You don't wash with hot water to kill bacteria, you wash with hot water because whatever icky, sticky, scummy things are on your hands will dissolve faster in hot water and rinses off your skin quicker.

Also, using hot water hurts the planet. I hate the planet. It keeps trying to kill me.


  1. Silly.......Warm water or cold, we all know hippies don't wash their hands!

  2. It's winter, the cold water coming out of the taps here is right around 40 degrees. In addition to not cleaning as well as warm water, it hurts to wash with water that temperature.

  3. Let's not even mention soap being used.

  4. The planet makes it's own hot water. Hippies should wash by standing directly over geysers. Yeah, that's it. Totally natural.