Monday, January 20, 2014

Some Days Are Like This. Let Me Help

Anyone out there having a "despondent kitten sitting in a bucket of water while sad music plays in the background" day?:

[YouTube direct link]

Go ahead and tell me your problems. I'll be your warm, fluffy towel and bowl of cream.


  1. Dear Harvey,

    I think I may have alienated my best friend by by being too...candid. I think I should have kept some things to myself.

    What should I do?

    Wishing in Wisconsin

    1. Wow, do I know that feeling.

  2. Dear Wishing,

    The great thing about best friends is that being candid just makes the friendship stronger.

    If you're not candid, then that thing becomes something you "can't talk about". And once you have one of those, the "can't talk about it" list starts growing like mold on cheese, until the whole thing is green and fuzzy and you have to throw it out.

    That's pretty much what happened to my marriage.

    If you care about your best friend, don't let the mold take hold.

    Now climb out of the Bucket o' Despair, Kitten, and let's get you dried off.

  3. *rubs Kitten vigorously with warm, fluffy towel*

    Oh, and from now on, oh sad-and-soggy-one, I'm calling you Kitten.

  4. "Kitten" is a funny nickname for a gal who is allergic to cats. :P

    What should I call you?

  5. Harvey for now.

    A good nickname evolves organically. Best not to force it.

    I'm sure the opportunity will present itself.

    No rush. I'm gonna be here for a while.

    Patience, Kitten.

  6. Yeah, I guess "Kitten" is okay. Notwithstanding my allergy to and lack of affinity for's more like me than "Patience". :P

    Are you still working today?

  7. Yes, Kitten. I work every weekday. Even on real holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Dennis didn't take today off, either. Probably makes him racist or something... *eye roll*

  8. I did double Zumba today. 2 hours. I'm ready to be spun senseless now...

  9. Cue music...

  10. Recently I returned to the blogworld after posting only sporadically and reading no blogs whatsoever for a time. I have not ventured much further than here, which is fine by me for now. Your chit chat is sweet and charming, such that I do not know whether to barf or applaud. :D

  11. I'd say applaud.

    The world is perishing for a lack of sweet and charming things :-)

  12. I'm despondent again.

    You didn't post anything new today :(

  13. Climb out of the bucket, Kitten, new post is coming...