Friday, January 17, 2014

Struck: If Only They Made All Chick Flicks This Good and This Short

Probably the best short romantic comedy since "Validation". Tightly directed, not a single wasted shot.

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #72,963)

And yeah, this HAS happened to me.

Although the girl in question looked more like the one at the bus stop (stick around for that scene after the closing credits). I don't go for blonds.

Pause it at 6:43... see how she's got that unruly bit of hair sticking out to the left?

Yeah... that girl's hair would never behave. It was one of her charming quirks.

...I still miss her sometimes...

Oh, and for the benefit of any lurking mutual acquaintances, I'm not talking about my ex.


  1. You've been struck since your ex? Or was this the girl that got away from long ago?

  2. Baking Coach, aka Orange Zest Gal

  3. Ah. I remember. Who bakes your cookies now?

    By the way, I just watched the Validation video.

    Thanks for that.

    You make me smile :)

  4. I'm completely coached up, so I bake my own cookies now, which makes me both happy and sad.

    You're welcome, and I just found out that the guy who did "Validation" also did "Shuffle" and "Dear Zachary", both of which are available streaming on Netflix.

    I haven't seen either one yet, but I'm curious, so they're in my queue.

  5. I liked Struck and Validation. I think it's funny, though, that Mr. Sniper requires even his movies be sniperish.

    I like to...well...bask in them some. Sometimes I want to get lost in them and wonder if this scene is advancing the plot... or is it a distraction? I think they're more like life that way. Life is rambly. Not snipery.

    I wish I knew whether this part of my life was advancing plot or a distraction...

  6. "Mr. Sniper"?

    Huh... and I thought *I* gave out weird nicknames...

    Not ALL my movies need to be shot with ruthless efficiency, it's just that I know how hard it is, so kudos to those who do it.

    Anyway, try "Signs":

    Not quite as tight. Also *slightly* NSFW

    And I'm sure that when they finally make the movie about your life, you commenting on this blog will be the part that everyone talks about as they leave the theater :-)

  7. Maybe later. Too busy making cookies and connections.

    And the driveway needs to be shoveled. Again. I only did that twice yesterday.


  8. You need a break.

    Come on... I'll take you to Olive Garden...

  9. MORE cookies and such.

    Wait. Aren't you still working? And Friday night? Is that good for you?

  10. Done working now, just did my super-awesome P90X workout, and I am one hunky puppy right now.

    Hmmm... Friday night IS usually pretty crowded at Olive Garden...

    Eh... come to my place. I'll order pizza. That's kind of Italian, right?

    I've got "The Music Man" on DVD. Someone told me it was good. Ever see it?

  11. My P90X workout (or even Zumba workout, lately) is called
    "Drag a 1 yd wide, 25 lb steel snow shovel all over my endless driveway, periodically throwing large shovelfuls of snow into banks higher than my head". One of these days I'm gonna figure the square feet of that puppy. It's ridiculous. You need to watch a program to exercise? Come to my house. Oh boy how I'll set you up.

    But I like pizza. :)

    And The Music Man is one of my absolute favorites. How can I recognize your house?

  12. Gray house. Black shutters. Lots of snow in the driveway.

    Bring your shovel...

  13. Finished "The Music Man"

    Every girl's fantasy of taming the no-good charming rogue...

  14. No no no! Every rogue's fantasy: catching the sweet innocent... but smart... piano teacher.

  15. Oddly... I *have* had that fantasy...

  16. Ok, now you're slipping back into the piano teacher's fantasy...

  17. Does the main actor in Struck look familiar to anybody else?


    Bodhi Elfman

    Nephew of musician Danny Elfman

  19. No. not like the ACTUAL person. His face is familiar. He reminds me of someone I know...

  20. Btw, the actor is actually married to Jenna Elfman. (The pregnant lady in the video)

  21. Wait...tall guy with a better beard? I think I know who you mean!

  22. That's it!

    I wonder if he's still impaled with the arrow he got when I walked by...


  23. Well, if you're the reason it's in there, and you didn't take it out, then it's still in there.

    How can you not know how this works? Geez, it's like you didn't even watch the video! :-P

  24. Oh I DID.

    I'm wishing now I didn't fix my washer so I had an excuse to hang out at a laundromat.

    Seems a likely place for arrow removing.

    Do they even HAVE laundromats in Wisconsin? I don't think I've ever even SEEN one.

  25. I know there's one in Fort Atkinson and one in Milton. I think those are the only two in the state.

  26. I guess I know where to go if it quits again.

    Wait. Is that a leak?

    Oh NO! I guess I'll have to journey to one of those laundromats soon.

    I wonder if Michael Gross washes his own clothes...