Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Am Nerd Enough to Want One of These

[Via Technabob]

Periodic table cutting board:

More designs at Elysium Woodworks


  1. You send me a cutting board, I can do that to it. Or put the picture of someone on it. or whatever. Simple as can be.

  2. Huh.

    Whose picture would you like to be on something that you go at with a knife?

  3. Oh, honey I got a BIG list.

  4. Really?

    That surprises me. You seem like such a big teddy bear. :)

    I don't like hating people. It messes with my smile :D

  5. Hate? Don't think I hate anyone. Hatred would surely cloud my judgement.

    I certainly do not hate cows, and yet I slice them up and eat them all the time. I don't hate cabbage, but I slice it up and the ogwife and oglet eat it all the time (I do dislike cabbage- at least cooked)

    Lots of people could stand to be sliced up. Don't mean I hate 'em.