Friday, February 7, 2014

Not Ready Yet

Look! It's a paper-thin keyboard.

[Paper Keyboard]

And it suffers from the same drawback as ALL non-tactile keyboards:

You can't rest your fingers on the keys, so you'll never be able to touchtype on it.

I'm staying old-school.


  1. Yeah, I'm an old-fashioned guy.

    Not too surprising, really. My Dad would've been 98 this year, so there were a lot of old-fashioned ideas floating around my house when I was growing up.

  2. How can you be a geek AND old-fashioned?

  3. It's not easy, but I'm really awesome, so I manage.

    By the way, I also own a Zenith stereo console from the 70's that plays 8-tracks and 78's.

    Cutting-edge stuff...

  4. You think THAT'S old, you should see my collection of 78s

    I have a 1951 78rpm release of Glenn Miller's "In the Mood" (originally recorded in 1939)

  5. Well, you won't like me at all, then.

    I'm young.

  6. Don't be silly.

    I prefer my *entertainment* old.

    I prefer the *company* of a young woman.

  7. But I have...

    (make sure you're sitting down)...



  8. As long as you know where the "off" switch is, we'll get along fine.

  9. Do you know where the *off* switch on your laptop is?

  10. I never turn it off.

    I just walk away from it now & then.

  11. Yes. You were right. Thank you.

  12. I'm glad you realized that fun can be had without a screen in front of your face :P

    I'm creating all kinds of things today. No screen necessary :)

  13. I'm looking forward to creating a freshly-snowblowed driveway later today :-)

    Oh, and yesterday I took this oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookie recipe I have and tried adding a bunch of peanut butter to it.

    I *think* it worked, but I'm not positive. Cookies need to age at least a day before they show their true character.

  14. Did it still have cinnamon and nutmeg?

    I made this awesome 8' x 4' blueprint and now I'm tying wedding favors. :)

  15. I cut the spices back some & let the peanut butter take center stage, flavor-wise.

  16. I made cookies like that once without the spices but added almond extract and almonds.


    But I still like the original recipe best, I think.

    I do like peanut butter.

  17. I don't get to experiment much, since I have to eat the whole batch no matter how it turns out.

    That takes time, unless I want to get chubby...

  18. Didn't get enough snow here to get out the snowblower.

    I shoveled the 2-3 inches. You?

  19. I proudly dragged out my snowblower to clear off the light and fluffy 1" of snow that was on the ground.

    If it's worth removing, it's worth removing mechanically :-)