Sunday, February 23, 2014

What Is This?

Picked it up at a second hand store:

Assembled, it's 10" long, 9" wide, and 4.5" high. It seems like it's covered in some sort of non-stick coating, and it comes apart into 2 pieces.

Any ideas?


  1. it's a bombe form. You bake a half a spherical cake in it with a hollow center. The hollow center makes sure the cake is cooked through- if you just filled the round bowl it would be raw in the center.

    Once the cake is baked, you take out the center (Rotating it helps as you lift) fill with soft ice cream, then freeze hard

    Unmold, turn over, and decorate.


  3. Seems vaguely plausible, but Google Image searching turns up nothing similar.

    I thought it might be some oddball sort of double boiler, but again, Google Images not confirming.

    Betty Crocker icecream filled cake pan.


    Thank you, Kitchen Kitten :-)

  6. I... have NO idea. I'm a little limited, because I don't have the base pan (although I think any standard 9-inch round cake pan would work).

    What would YOU do with it?

  7. You said you needed a mixing bowl... :P

  8. Actually, at the same store where I picked this up, I found two very nice Melamine (actually ABS, but it's very similar) mixing bowls of the same type that Amazon charges about $7 each for:

    I found the 3 & 5 quart bowls from the above set. About $3 for the pair.

  9. Huh.

    Sounds like you have a pretty severe second hand store addiction. Better be careful. Pretty soon your house could look like ...well...

    A second hand store. :P

  10. Your words of caution are duly noted.

    However, I will point out that, in this case, the items are functional, not decorative, and not for general display purposes :-)

    Still, if I you can't give me an idea on what to do with the cake pan, I may have to re-donate it to a second-hand store...

    Hmmm... what if I took some brownie mix... I could fill it with vanilla ice cream... hmmm...

  11. Cannon ball mold.