Sunday, March 9, 2014

Also Important: Getting to the Point

[8 traits of successful people - Richard St. John] (Viewer #225,728)

This is the worst video of its type ever made.

He's got a list of things that will improve your life, but instead of working through the list, he stalls for over 6 minutes, tosses out the list, and quits.

So I'll get to the point for him with this screenshot:

Short answer: do things you don't feel like doing right now.

If you can teach yourself to control what you feel like doing, nothing can stop you.

But if you don't feel like watching the video, I don't blame you. It was awful.


  1. I liked the screenshot. Passion first?

  2. Absolutely. Without a passionate desire that borders on obsession, nothing great can be done.

    With it, though...


  3. Hmm. A quality in myself I've never measured. Hmm. Am I passionate?

  4. Proof of passion is in the accomplishments.

    Do you have a long list of difficult things that you've done?

    If so, you have your answer.

    I'll bet you're in the middle of doing something difficult right now, aren't you?

  5. Yes.

    But not a long list of accomplishments.

  6. I'll bet there are a lot of things you've done that you somehow think "don't count".

    You and your modesty...