Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hope You Don't Fear Heights

Running & jumping... because it feels good... because you can:

[Israel roofs POV - Extraordinary tourists] (Viewer #55,296)

Obviously I'm way too old & fragile for this sort of thing these days, but I did used to jump down the last 7 or 8 stairs between classes in high school sometimes - just because it was fun and I felt like it.


  1. I was tempted to leave the typo in just because I knew it bugged you, but it's fixed now :-P

  2. Since you know I'm allergic to both cats *and* heights, I think you *really* like to bug me. :)

  3. Like it?

    Kitten... I *live* for it :-P

  4. I think this is related to why most concrete walls in Israel have broken glass embedded in it.