Friday, March 21, 2014


Via Cheezburger:

Let me clarify.

In this picture, *I* am the tornado.

Asking you politely to please move your car out of my way.


  1. Better be careful - that truck may have explosives in it that will equalize the pressure and cause the tornado to dissipate.

    I know it works because I saw it in Sharknado. #science

  2. Wait. You're the tornado and *I* am the car?

  3. Oh... sorry... you're not in this metaphor.

    I was just feeling a little testosteroney...

    If I were to put you in the metaphor, you'd be behind the tornado, and I'd be sweeping cars out of your path for you.

    I'm a gentleman tornado :-)

  4. Tornadoes come, tornadoes go, but the crazy fool who drove his car into the heart of a tornado? Live or die, they'll talk about him forever.

  5. I would have lamped you for a white tornado, but you look more like Kenny Everett than Mr Clean.