Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Good Men, Please

My day job is being the web guy ("Digital Content Manager") for a nationally syndicated radio talk show host. I've never actually met The Talent in whose name I work, but I do work closely with the show's executive producer.

At 10pm last night, he emailed me with a guest change. We had 2 guests scheduled for the 1st hour, but they'd both been replaced with a single guest. The new guest's name was familiar to me, and I knew he had excellent radio chops, so I asked my ExecProd if both the original guests had cancelled, or if he'd made the switch because the new guest made for better radio.

He told me it was the latter.

Which prompted me to write him the following:
I really hope [The Talent] is aware of how hard you work to make the show that bears his name glisten like a diamond on black velvet.

I stand in mute awe of your dedication. Guys like you are a pleasure to work with and for.

An all-too-rare pleasure, I might add, in a modern era of slackers and half-hearted good-enoughers.

The reason I wrote that?

Because no one else would, even though he deserved to have his work recognized.

Always reward good behavior.


  1. looks like good old fashioned butt kissing to me. But then I work with a bunch of talentless hacks.

  2. While it DOES look like butt-kissing, it really is just an honest compliment, since, despite his fancy title, he does not have the authority to fire me or affect my pay, hours, or time off.

  3. "Always reward good behavior. "

    Indeed. I always do this, and I am almost always greeted with a shocked expression. Everyone will complain but very few will take the time to compliment. Good on you.

  4. Always always reward the good. I tell my boss often that I appreciate her. It always stops me in my tracks when my employees do that for me but means the world. It doesn't matter who someone is or at what level....hearing you are appreciated is critical.

  5. *looks at milk carton*

    *looks at Tammi*

    Hey, Tammi. You still look just like your picture :-)