Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No Wonder I Have Body Image Issues

In 40 years, the "ideal" male body has gone from Sean Connery to Hugh Jackman.

Only thing is, even Hugh Jackman isn't this Jackmanesque.
Since 5 percent body fat is nobody's natural condition, fitness plans are geared to peak on the days of the sex scenes or shirtless moments. To prep for these days, trainers will dehydrate a client like a boxing manager sweats a fighter down to weight. They often switch him to a low- or no-sodium diet three or four days in advance, fade out the carbohydrates, brew up diuretics like herbal teas, and then push cardio to sweat out water – all to accentuate muscle definition for the key scenes.


  1. That's a lot of effort for something CGI can do faster and easier. Accentuate the shadows, raise the contrast... Done.

  2. I'm sure CGI helped with the second pic.

    I'm not sure why, though.

    Why would they want him to look like a plastic action figure? Cold. Distorted. Almost Emaciated.

    I like muscles. But he looks unnatural. I ask you: who would want to hug THAT?

    Not me.

    I like real men.

  3. I'm more of Sean's body type.

    I've got muscles, but some of them are... a little insulated :-)

  4. I've always liked Sean Connery.

    He also has a deep, manly voice.

  5. I've got the voice, too.

    Plus I got that salt-and-pepper hair thing that he made look so good later on in his career.

    But... no Scottish accent, so he's one up on me there...