Friday, June 6, 2014

I Made This Same Decision Once

The decision to do what you love, instead of doing what will make you the most money right now.

This cartoon summarizes it as well as I've ever seen it summarized.

What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?


  1. Just curious - isn't this the exact same argument Nancy Pelosi uses to justify Obamacare? Don't worry about making money, Big Government will take care of all you could possibly need, Julia.

  2. Yes, like Satan, Pelosi mixes in just enough lie with her truth to defile the whole thing.

    Living small to do what you love is a good thing.

    Living on someone else's involuntary dime to do what you love - kinda scummy.

  3. Well. The money thing is still important. We can't all spend our lives in drunken debauchery. So, it's more of just a hobby with me. NO ONE is going to say,"I want to be a coal miner". No One is going to say, I want to empty septic tanks. That whole, "Do what you love" hippy nonsense is fine if what you love is something that will at least pay for itself.

    And in the example you cite, I know a whole BUNCH of women who buy horses and think they can turn horse ownership into a business. For 95% of them it becomes a money sinkhole that their husbands need to fill every week by running a hamster wheel, soul-stealing job because he majored in mechanical engineering in college instead of following his dream and learning about "swimming with the dolphins".

  4. What's the big deal? The way to do what you love is to love what you do. We're humans, not robots. We can choose to enjoy what we do or we can choose to be miserable. Look at all the people on Dirty Jobs, Every one of them loves their work, no matter how disagreeable it is. Loving what you do is a choice.

  5. And in a democracy you then get to vote to rob people who actually earn money to pay for your doing what you want to do. It's why democracy always fails.

    (I know, this is technically a republic, doesn't change the facts)

  6. Huh.

    Say what you will.

    I thought it was beautiful.

    I have a degree in something that could make me a pile of money. I have decided to do the things I love instead...and be happy...and ...well...poor-ish. :)

  7. The biggest problem I see here is the fact that these kids have finished college and now want to know what to do. Well, they took on student loan obligations so what they really need to do is pay them back so as not to screw over the people who loaned them the money. THEN they can do what they want.

    +1 on not living on someone else's dime while you do what you want. I like Allan Watts and his philosophy (he's a Zen Buddhist) but wonder where he comes down on "tax the rich to pay for everyone else's free stuff". Leave that aspect out of it and living simply is a great recipe for happiness. You don't need lots of toys or money to be happy.