Monday, October 20, 2014

Learned Something About My Dad

My brother got ahold of a couple of my aunt's old photo albums, and sent me scans of what he found therein.

I found this one interesting:

That's my parents on the right. Pretty sure this picture is from the early 40's, and they've been married less than a year.

Which tells me something.

Pretty much the entire photo album's group shots are very serious "stand up straight" affairs.

And then there's this one.

My dad was so crazy-in-love with my mom, he couldn't keep his hands off her long enough to get a picture taken.

As far as I could tell, he felt the exact same way about her for the rest of her life.

Kinda romantic, huh?


  1. He looks familiar, somehow. He has huge hands and she has a tiny waist.

    They look so happy. How old were they?

    I'd love to see more.