Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Source

Another pic of my mom & dad (Dad actually managed to keep his hands to himself this time):

In this one, I note that, while Dad is half a head taller than Mom, their hands hang down to about the same distance above the ground.

This, apparently, is where I got my own insanely-long monkey-arms from.

Thanks, Dad, for making me genetically incapable of finding a coat or shirt that fits both my arms AND torso.

Off-topic-ish: my mom was probably 19 in this picture. Less than half as old as when she finally had me at age 42. Which makes my head a little swimmy to think about.


  1. I want the answer to the universe to be <42.

  2. My initial comment didn't post for some reason. Can't remember all of it now, but I had started out by saying that your mom seems to have a mischievous look about her smile, and that I love old pics.