Friday, January 9, 2015

Fun With Global Warming

[Minnesota Cold (Part 13) Frozen Trampoline] (Viewer #435,871)


  1. Cute video, but hardly evidence one way or the other on the issue of global warming. Are you really still a denier?


  2. Denier? Nah. I'd have to care first.

    My position is that, whatever the temperature is doing, it'd be easier and cheaper to let people freely market products and services to counteract localized climactic effects than it would be to try to control the global climate as a whole.

    The latter plan being so insanely asinine it'd make a Bond villain go "no, too wacky".

  3. Also, the word "denier" in this context is an ugly slur that has roots in neo-Nazism, and if you're going to be a guest in the comment section of this blog, I'd prefer you keep the conversation civil and not casually sling ad hominems at your host.

    It's rude.

    1. Well, you know the conversation has tanked when one person makes an ugly slur and the other makes a comparison to Nazism... Nevertheless, I hope all is well in your part of the world, warming or no.