Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Practical Anger Management Tips

From Gizmodo:

I particularly liked this section:

We all have our own distinct "anger cues." Brown describes them as the thoughts we think, the ways we act, and the way we feel when we're angry. By recognizing these cues, we can catch our anger quickly and re-adjust.

"Taking a moment to acknowledge the anger before acting can help a lot," says Brown. "Slowing your body down or walking away for a while before acting can help, as long as you don't take that time simply to 'stew' over the things you're angry about."

Brown says it's also a good idea to redirect our thoughts. We can always ask a neutral person to help us think through the situation to evaluate if our anger is justified, and if it is, get advice on how to navigate the problem in the most effective and appropriate manner.

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