Saturday, January 13, 2018

I Slept Here for 3 Years

Not this SPECIFIC bed, but when I was aboard the Enterprise (CVN65) between 87 and 91 (the last year was in the yards for refueling, so I lived off base), I slept in a middle rack, which opened up just like this one:

The biggest difference is that mine had 2 blue "privacy curtains" that you could draw across the opening to shut out the light.

And yes, that 3-inch thick foam mattress is even less comfortable than it looks.

The whole sleeping space was about 2'x2'x6'. Tall guys had to sleep on their sides, curled up. I was very lucky to be 5'10"

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Not Just a Joke in "Monster House"

[What Does Your Uvula Do?] (Viewer #1,172,710)

More useful than that bum, the appendix.

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