Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It's Not the Time Together, It's the Commitment to the Time Together

Regarding the Atlantic's "Mormons’ Weekly Family Ritual Is an Antidote to Fast-Paced Living", I notice that they see the effect, but miss the cause.

Yes, family time is beneficial, and any family that practiced it weekly would grow closer.

The thing is, there's ALWAYS a reason to skip Family Home Evening. It's always a pain to gather everyone in the same room for an event that doesn't revolve around a video screen. Everyone is always tired, or hungry, or busy, or not in the mood. Nobody really feels like doing it... until they start doing it.

It's just so much easier not to do it, that I can't imagine a family that hasn't been commanded to do it by someone they trust and respect (like the leaders of the church they attend every week), would ever have the commitment and determination to do it when its hard and uncomfortable.

Which it is every single week.

Maybe the authors of the article should attend a few Latter Day Saint church services and figure out the REAL reason people believe it's worth the effort.

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